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Your wedding album is one of the most important things that you will come away from your wedding day with, it's the thing you'll look back on, the thing you'll show off to your family and friends. That's why when I came into this business I knew I wanted to offer something different and unique as a wedding album and that is when I thought of the scrapbook album.

I hand make these albums all myself and they are completely unique to you and your wedding, I purchase all new materials for your book to coincide with your wedding theme and/or colours, these materials are used in your book and your book only making them unlike any


These albums will contain around 60 images from your wedding day. I personally choose the best and right images that go in the book so that they tell the story of the day in the best way possible. Starting from the minute I get there and start snapping away, until the last picture I take on the day.

The great thing about a scrapbook rather than an ordinary album is that not only will it include pictures, it will also include details that make up the day. These can vary from speech notes, to confetti, to invites. Anything you wish to give me, I will include! This is a great way to include everything from the day in one place, little things that you wish to treasure can often go missing, however in your scrapbook they will be in there to treasure forever in a safe place!

If you have anymore questions or interests in the scrapbooks please contact me!

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