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Of course, no bride wants it but on some days mother nature doesn’t want to play fair but you shouldn’t let the weather dampen the best day of your life, so here’s 7 tips to make your rainy wedding perfect!

  1. The standard family group shots that every mum asks for your wedding day are unavoidable and usually done outside with some pretty scenery behind, but if its raining you don’t want to be gathering everyone outside in the rain. So make sure your venue has a nice big area with some good lighting to get some group shots inside.

  2. Buy umbrellas, and lots of them! Get a fancy (but also waterproof) umbrella for yourself and a few clear ones for your bridal party in advance. These can make for some fun and quirky shots in the rain. Even if it doesn’t rain your umbrella looks nice as a prop in your pictures and you’ll have a good supply of normal umbrellas for the future!

  1. Another thing you should purchase for yourself is another pair of wedding shoes, some wellies! A cute pair of wellies can make for some adorable pictures.

  1. If your photographer has checked the weather and is expecting rain they should already bring some towels with them, but just incase bring a few old towels with you to wipe away rain from benches, fences and any areas that you could be having pictures in.

  2. Try to be as flexible with your time as you can, of course no photographer wants to interrupt you when trying to mingle with your guests. But if it suddenly stops raining; even for a moment make the most of it and head outside for some photos. Sometimes this quick pause of rain can make time for a rainbow!

  1. Create a rain jar! Get yourself a small jar and let it catch some rain, and label it with your date or names. This makes for an adorable keepsake from your wedding day!

  2. Finally, don’t let the rain spoil your day. You only get one wedding so make the most of it and don’t let the rain effect your mood or photos. Rainy weddings can always make for some great pictures and keepsakes that most people don’t get on their day!

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